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المستمسكات المطلوبة لتسجيل طالب في كلية الصيدلة جامعة النهرين –


الوثيقة المدرسية اصلية + استنساخ ملون مصدقة من قبل مديرية التربية في محافظة الطالب-

بطاقة مشاركة الطالب في الامتحان الوزاري وباج الدخول الاصلي-

البطاقة المدرسية-

فحص طبي اصلي معنون الى كلية الصيدلة – جامعة النهرين –

تعهد طالب مع كفيل ضامن مدني –

تأييد من دائرة الكفيل + هوية الدائرة-

هوية الاحوال المدنية وشهادة الجنسية العراقية وبطاقة السكن للكفيل الضامن-

هوية الاحوال المدنية وشهادة الجنسية العراقية او البطاقة الموحدة للطالب وللاب وللام-

بطاقة السكن للطالب +البطاقة التموينية-

صور شخصية للطالب عدد 4-

قرص (CD) يحتوي على المعلومات اعلاه-

Registration division business:

1-The registration division for new admission students /first school year begins before the announcement of the results of the central admission by the Ministry electronically where the preparation is made by preparing the registration files containing forms and pledges filled out by the student when he begins to register.
2-Answer to the books received from the university presidency.
3-Student registration is manual and electronic through the student registration program of the University of Nahrain.
4-Preparing lists of students according to their school stages after the announcement of the final results and before starting a new academic year.
5-Issuing identities to new students and students transferred to the rest of the stages in addition to the identities of a lost or damaged allowance.
6-Ordering the absence of students such as alert, warning, final warning and failure after organizing student absences throughout the school year.
7-A register issued and incoming register for the Registration Division has been in place from the current school year 2019-2020.
8-Issuing year-round support to students according to their needs.
9-Issuing support and graduation documents for graduate students.
10-The transfer transactions of students to and from the college are through an electronic view in addition to receiving paper transactions and after the end of the application period which lasts two months the first more begins the registration division by issuing administrative orders to accept or reject.
11-Issuing administrative orders to clear students transferred to the college from other universities.
12-Archive all student files in addition to archiving all books issued and received by the Division.
13-Organizing statistics and schedules related to the numbers of students.
14-Organizing a register of all admission channels at the beginning of each academic year as admission has many channels
– Central acceptance.
– Late forms.
– Accepting within the government’s own morning education and in the form of meals.
– Top students in colleges
– The top 10% on colleges
– Relatives of victims of military operations, military mistakes and terrorist operations.
– Editing the nomination of the public channel
– Amending the candidacy of the families of martyrs, those who are victims of Baath Party crimes and those who are victims of war and terrorist operations.
– Transfer of teachers’ children
– Distinguished staff
– Arrivals transported from abroad.
– Certificate equivalency students.

Faryal Abdel Wahab Al-Musawi (Registration Manager)