College Housing

The Dean of the College of Pharmacy and the Assistant Dean for Scientific and Student Affairs visited the internal departments and met with those in charge to address challenges and create a conducive atmosphere for our students before taking their end-of-semester exams.
The College of Pharmacy at Al-Nahrain University, through the Dean's office, provided a financial grant of five million Iraqi dinars to its students in the internal departments within the North Campus in preparation for the summer semester. This grant was specifically aimed at addressing the essential need for cooling equipment during the summer and ensuring a conducive study environment. On Sunday, April 3, 2022, and under the directive of Associate Professor Dr. Haider Bahaa Sahib, the Dean of the College, the grant was handed over by Senior Accounts Officer Fatin Jabbar Hussein, who is in charge of the college's financial unit, to Engineer Mohammed Shaker, the Assistant Director of the Internal Departments. We wish our dear students every success and prosperity.